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Weight50.00Kg (50 packs of 1Kg)
TypeArabica Coffee Bean
Source100% Single Origin Colombian Coffee, Freshly Roasted in Australia

Arabica beans tend to have a sweeter, softer taste, with tones of sugar, fruit, and berries. Their acidity is higher, with that winey taste that characterizes coffee with excellent acidity.

CoffeineArabica coffee has 1.5% caffeine content compared to Robusta coffee with 2.7% caffeine content.
Recommend serving size 10 gram ground coffee for each cup of coffee

Colombian Coffee the Richest Coffee in the World.

We have feeling of the bean, We roast the bean and We bring you the best coffee.

Once you try the Calima Coffee, you will see there is the rich coffee, it is not bitter; You will want to have second cup.

Colombian Arabica Coffee Bean

Arabica have a wider taste range, between varieties. They range in taste from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy. Their unroasted smell is sometimes likened to blueberries. Their roasted smell is perfumey with fruity notes and sugary tones.
Arabica are delicate, they require cool subtropical climates, lots of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun. They are subject to attack from various pests, and are extremely vulnerable to cold and bad handling. Arabicas also must be grown at a higher elevation of 600 to 2000 meters.
Arabica coffee taste better than Robusta coffee beans because lesser caffeine contain. In fact the Robusta bean has 2.7% caffeine content, almost double the 1.5% of Arabica.

Calima® Coffee carry the Cafe De Columbia® Logo

All packaging equipped with a one-way valve to preserve the freshness of the coffee.

When coffee is fresh roasted, it releases carbon dioxide. It's basically a by-product of the roasting process. When the coffee is ground, carbon dioxide is released expeditiously. If you simply place fresh roasted coffee in a completely sealed bag, the bag will expand and in most cases rupture. The other option is to let the coffee rest outside of a container. However, oxygen is the enemy of fresh roasted coffee. By allowing the coffee to be exposed to air for an extended period of time, it accelerates the staling process of the coffee. So, what can be done to retain the coffees freshness while allowing it to naturally de-gas? That's where the one-way valve comes into play.

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100% Colombian Coffee Bean - 50Kg

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Wholesale - Arabica Coffee Bean - 50Kg

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